Exact same buttons used in all 3 "Pirates of the Caribbean" movies. These are gorgeous buttons! Measuring 7/8" across they are loaded with detail and are well worth the extra cost. These buttoms have the ability to transform your stunning Silhouettes vest into a masterpiece, whether you order in black, red, brown, or the most requested ...blue.
18 Silversmith Buttons
18 Silversmith Buttons for $49.95
Pants Buttons
Metal shank buttons. Measures 11mm across. Keep in mind these are smaller than the other buttons shown, the pictures are not to scale.
1 Pants Button for $.50 each
Gold Vest Buttons
Richly detailed gold shank buttons. Measures about 16mm across. These are the buttons I currently use on the red vests and the new line of frockcoats and wasitcoats.
1 Gold Vest Button for $.65 each
Swirl Pattern Buttons
Richly detailed silver solid metal shank buttons. Measures about 16mm across. These buttons will work for both coats and vests.
1 Silver Swirl Button for $.65 each
Shirt Buttons
Genuine abalonie shell buttons. Measues 10 mm across.
1 Shirt Button for $.33 each