The most cost-effective way to add depth to your alter ego!

Each strand measures approx. 5-6 inches in length and is composed of: Authentic International coins (1915-1985) that have been out of circulation/ aged/ tarnished for years.

Detailed glass, wood, metal/pewter look beads. Lots of texture, depth and weight for a really authentic look and feel. The strands of beads/ coins are strung together with heavy duty jewelers wire and attached to special silver "alligator/roach/ electrical" clamps so that you can easily adjust them to look exactly right and remove for cleaning. The clamps are intended to clip onto the underside of your headscarf/durag, but can also be hidden/ secured with a chunk of hair/wig.
Be sure to note that every strand of Pirate Jewelry is different, the strands shown are to give you an idea of the materials . Due to the nature of the materials, it is literally impossible to create identical strands. Similar? Possibly. Each one is unmatched and totally unique, the way it should be!

Pirate Jewelry
Price $8.95/ strand
Jewelry Set