Hand Printed Head Scarf $49
Hand Printed Captain Jack Pirate Head Scarf
Economy Head Scarf $9.95
Economy Captain Jack Head Scarf
Same as above, but no sewing and no printing. The head scarf edges are torn/ raw and measures over 70" long, 9" wide. It is not printed and not sewn. 100% cotton gauze.
This is hand printed 100% cotton gauze. It is printed with an antique, hand carved Indian block with a large all over paisley design and I am very pleased with the results. As with any hand printed fabric, the printing is uneven, which makes the item look even more like Jack's.

The head scarf is fully finished and measures over 70" in length and approx. 6.5" wide. It is printed on 100% cotton gauze in the best possible shade of red to replicate the one worn in your favorite movie. I've heard from someone that ones one of the movies pieces that he actually prefers this headscarf to his own. Wow! What a compliment. Leave in sun to distress/ fade. In 2007 Elope used stole this design and started distrubiting it nationwide.