This shirt is inspired by the one worn by the character Jack Sparrow and includes many of the same details.
Details include:
Price $139
Linen Captain Jack Pirate Shirt
• 1/4 inch twisted cord ties approx 18" long in the front with frayed/ tassel type ends
• The very distinctive two-part cuff
• Two-hole buttons in mother of pearl (yes, this is made from abalone sea shells) and sewn, functional button holes.
• Distressed with a special combination of tea and dye, then line dried, ensuring permanent discoloration in the creases.
• Pre-shrunk.

What is the difference between the Muslin and Linen shirts?
1st, incredible, richly textured linen fabric. Drapes more richly than muslin and is cooler in hot weather.
2nd, hand topstiching around the outside edge of the collar and cuffs
3rd, the linen shirt includes a V shaped placket around the neckline.